White & Ivory Coloured Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens are specialists in white kitchen designs. One of the reasons we are so highly rated within the kitchen industry for our white kitchens is that whatever style of white kitchen door you prefer; we will almost certainly have it! What's more, all of our white kitchen finishes are manufactured to an extremely high standard. This ensures a stunning look as well as white furniture that are fully fitted and practical for use within a kitchen.

White high gloss kitchens

White gloss kitchens generally affect a very warm, modern and stylish kitchen look. They work for any room space and size, and are further beneficial as they will reflect the maximum amount of light within a room. Apart from a brightening effect, this can make a space feel larger than its actual dimensions. White gloss kitchens are therefore an ideal choice for small kitchen spaces (as well as much larger settings). Our white gloss kitchens are available within gloss glass, lacquer, laser laquer, and laminate kitchen finishes, all of which can be manufactured in our popular handle less X-Line and Y-line kitchen option.

White wood kitchens

Wood is often associated with a traditional kitchen look. We offer this traditional style with painted white paneled door fronts, affecting a warm country kitchen setting. Alternatively we have modern white wood kitchen doors in stylish White Oak finishes. The richly textured surface of these doors brings charm and character, ensuring a wonderful addition for any home.


White Matt Kitchens

Cool and contemporary, white matt kitchens effect a fresh and ultra-elegant kitchen look. As with gloss finishes, matt white kitchens will work for any room size or setting but really come into their own in a large space, where their true beauty can really make an impact! Whether an all-white matt kitchen or else in combination with other colour tones, white matt kitchens make an excellent choice. At Contemporary Kitchens our matt white kitchens are available to choose from in matt glass, laser edged lacquered, total lacquered and laminate kitchen finishes. They are also available within the popular handless kitchen style.

Handle less white kitchens

Nearly all of our white kitchen finishes are available in the widely popular handle less X-Line and Y-Line kitchen option. We can design white kitchens with matching white powder-coated handle less channels. Alternatively, if you wish to contrast your handle less channels, we can do them in stainless steel, or else any powder-coated colour you desire. Please note our high gloss white kitchen door is available with an integrated recessed handle. This is not a true handle less design but certainly produces the look of a handle less kitchen.

White kitchen colour choices:

At Contemporary kitchens we know that, like different finish materials, different shades of the same colour can produce entirely different looks for a kitchen design. The same is true of white kitchen tones. In accordance we have three different shades of white available to choose from: the Arctic white, a Brilliant white and our mid-tone white.

The Arctic white is a very sharp white, ideal for spacious contemporary settings. The Brilliant white is a slightly warmer tone than the Arctic white, and a colour specially designed to complement Mile’s oven range in the same Brilliant white finish. The mid-white kitchen tone is warmer than the other two, producing a softer kitchen look. In addition to these shades of white we also have a Light grey kitchen option. Of course we appreciate that grey is distinct from white but essentially the Light grey finish is a white tone with just a hint of grey; in certain settings it can be hard to tell apart from white.

The aesthetics of designing Bright coloured Kitchens

Just as important as the breadth of white kitchen finishes we have to offer is our ability to carefully manage the aesthetics of these kitchens. We know which shades of worktop and splash back will help you achieve the 'look' you desire. We have designed this style of kitchen for small compact spaces where there is no natural light, and also for large, glass fronted open plan rooms- and just about every setting in-between! We have used dramatic colours on worktops and glass splash backs and we also to create harmonious flowing designs by keeping all elements the same colour. We can also offer white kitchen designs featuring both convex and concave curved units.

Ivory Coloured Kitchens

Take the time to discuss your requirements with one of our designers and you will notice how hard we work to understand your individual wishes. Using this information and drawing upon all of our technical, product and aesthetic knowledge we will produce the highest quality designs, truly unique to you. Our ivory coloured doors are available in the same selection of materials and finishes as white, laminate, lacquered laser edged and total laquered.whether it is high gloss or matt is your preference the only way you will know for sure is to touch and feel the product it is only then, that you will appreciate the quality and the wide range of options we provide.

Some of the Ivory colours are so light in shade it is hard to distinguish whether it is white or Ivory it is only when we put a high gloss arctic white door along side one of our ivory doors that you can see the difference.

Why Ivory over White

People ask why go for an ivory coloured kitchen over white well it is a total personal choice, some people feel white is too cold looking and choose to go just a shade towards Ivory to give a warmer feeling and some people prefer the simplistic clean cut minimal look of a white kitchen.

Some of the Ivory colours are so light in shade it is hard to distinguish whether it is white or Ivory it is only when we put a high gloss arctic white door along side one of our ivory doors that you can see the difference. Why not come along to our showroom in Togher, cork where you will see a fantastic kitchen display using crystal door contrasted with Dun Cantania Oak.

Wardrobe division

Slide Glide is our wardrobe manufacturing part of the business, With fifteen years of experience behind us we are as committed as ever to producing sliding wardrobes to the highest of standards which has helped us establish a reputation for excellence among countless companies and interior designers.


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